A Cambridge University doctoral student working on International Manufacturing under the supervision of  one of the Universities most respected scholars. Her focus is on improving working conditions in factories. She is particularly interested in the ways labour standards can impact a factory’s efficiency, product quality and production yields, and the potential for effective ‘interventions’ to supplement routine monitoring and audits. Her research interests are action research, industrial sustainability, organisational design, behaviour and change, business-model innovation and decision-making. She is being advised by a Professor in the Engineering faculty , with his research experience and understanding of how industry develops solutions that move us towards a sustainable future.

The Researcher joined the IfM from the Institute for Sustainability Leadership, where she completed her Master’s. She is extremely interested in the role that business can play in improving factory labour standards and with her research seeks to identify ways, other than through day-to-day monitoring, that concerned businesses can work with factories to ensure they are socially responsible, fair, safe and healthy workplaces.

As well as a Master’s (Distinction) from Cambridge, she has a BA (Hons) 1st Class Distinction and an MBA.

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