人 insights (Human Insights)

人 insights (Human Insights) is a research project from the University of Cambridge Institute for Manufacturing which was prompted by concerns already well published-upon both in academic literature and by industry and media: the need for more transparency in global supply chains and for measures to protect the overall well-being of those most affected by factory conditions, the workers.



ID 8409 -Worker from WXD

Thank you very much for this platform. Every day I can share my feeling. Thank you for being  accompany with us every day as a listener.

ID 9596 -Worker from WXD

 This is a platform for us to express our hearts. We should say thank you. Thank you!

ID 2276 -Worker from Factory D

 Thanks for the platform sending us the useful tips in life every day. I am really grateful. It’s good to have you. We are busy during this time. 


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